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Management Forum

Upcoming Dates and Location: September 4, 11, 18 & 25, 2019 at River's Edge Convention Center in St. Cloud, MN

The Management Forum is ideally suited for general and functional managers, and executives and owners of small businesses. The forum is designed to equip business professionals with enhanced decision-making and management skills by exposing them to a wide set of essential management concepts and tools. This four-day series covers cases in Leadership, Financial Analysis, Marketing, Operations & Systems, and Strategy.

Program Objectives
  • Discussing the concept of leadership, the role of a leader, and the differences between leading and management.
  • Understanding the financial tools needed to analyze an organization’s performance.
  • Identifying the importance of strategic marketing for an organization and analyzing the “four Ps” of marketing.
  • Practicing process flow analysis and discussing the impact it can have on the operations of an organization.
  • Analyzing the impact that system and technology changes can have on an organization, and the steps needed for successful implementation.
  • Discussing and analyzing the communication, implementation, and importance of strategy for an organization.
  • Providing resources for post-forum learning and application.
  • Networking with Management Forum and other Center alumni for ongoing learning and development opportunities.

Forum Fees

The fee for the Management Forum is $3,500. The fee covers tuition, case materials, meals and lodging.  Nonprofit organizations receive a 20% discount.  Individuals and small or early stage organizations interested in attending an Anderson Center forum, with limited ability to pay, should inquire about scholarship opportunities.

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